Preparation for DELF

Preparation for language exams and certifications


Express preparation courses for DELF and DALF .


The DELF B1/B2 preparation module includes exercises and scenarios similar to a real session to prepare you better for the different exam components. We will also provide you with the strategies and advice needed to improve your speed of response when taking the exam.

During this training, students will::

  1. Discover the test format
  2. Analyze the typology of questions of every skill assessed, namely:
    1. Listening Comprehension
    2. Reading comprehension
    3. Speaking
    4. Writing
  3. Know and master typical answers in line with the formats and types of questions in the exam
  4. Discover and master strategic reading techniques to work with a text more efficiently
  5. Improve their speaking ability

This training includes 25 hours of face-to-face lessons and unllimited access to online training materials.

The pluses...

  1. Proven expertise of trainers who closely collaborate with the exam producer
  2. Attentive teaching staff ready to focus on specific students' needs
  3. Use of contemporary training materials

Training and preparation modules available













Recommended for:

 Students who wish to take the DELF B1 or B2 for studies in France in French universities.

Applicants of French nationality who need to justify a B1 level in the 4 skills



Mastery of strategies for answering exam questions confidently.

Additional practice in real-exam-situations

Enhanced level of confidence to take the exam thus reducing stress levels when taking a test

Preparation for DELF C1 can also be offered on demand.

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