Préparation for IELTS

Preparation for language exams and certifications

IELTS is the most widely used international assessment tool to evaluate the ability of candidates to communicate in English in academic contexts as well as for obtaining immigration visas for Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom. This test assesses the ability to understand and communicate in English in a general and/or academic context. Tests can be taken in a computer or on paper at testing centers. The skills assessed are oral and written comprehension, as well as oral expression and written expression.
IELTS results are communicated in the form of a score between band 1 (non-user) and 9 (expert user). They are accompanied by language competence descriptors.

Preparation course for the test

ILE International offers IELTS test preparation training in its two variants: General and/or Academic. The duration of the modules varies according to the level of English proficiency of the participant. ILE international tests candidates at the start of training to determine the number of hours of training needed to achieve a target score. During the training sessions, the trainee is invited to participate to several practice test sessions to familiarize himself with the exam format. Training sessions are based on the analysis of specific information points of the test according to the linguistic skills to be reinforced, for example vocabulary, the grammatical structure as well as the strategies to answer them correctly. Listening comprehension is reinforced with exercises similar to those presented in the real test. Training sessions can be done face-to-face or via our distance-learning platform.

ielts IELTS L&S   IELTS S&W      
Listening   30 min      
Reading   60 min      
Speaking 14 min        
Writing 60 min        


Recommandé pour :

Students who wish to enroll in university programs in English-speaking countriess ;  

Candidates who wish to either take the "academic or general" versions;

Applicants for visas for immigration to an English-speaking country



Training focused on mastering strategies for taking the test.

Study sessions aimed at improving one or more English language skills.

Increased level of confidence thus reducing the level of stress associated with taking the test.