Distance Learning

Language Training Services

ILE International offers a variety of distance language learning programs. The courses are designed to enable the student to set their own progress pace and achieve communication goals in a short time.  

Thanks to the variety of multimedia tools available for teaching, distance learning is highly stimulating and informative. The class schedule is flexible and easy to set up. Study and practice tools are available for use 24/24 and 365/365.

Distance Classroom sessions  are conducted "live" by  an instructor who reinforces  oral communication skills while consolidating  grammar structures and communication functions. Distance learning sessions follow exactly the same academic norms as in-company sessions resulting in significant, speedy progress to acquire new skills in a second language.



  • Flexible hours

  • Variety of multimedia tools

  • Schedule of training  sessions planned according to a student’s availability

  • Classes held in the comfort of the home and/or office

  • Substantial progress in the areas of oral expression and listening comprehension

  • Fit for purpose courses that focus on a student’s specific area of interest

  • Teachers who are native speakers and highly experienced linguistic educators

  • Availability of ESP (English for Specific Purposes) courses

  • Constant follow-up and guarantee that objectives will be met