In-Company classes

Language Training Services

Our executive language courses comprise modules that are taught at a student’s place of work. The offer includes  group or private sessions, in-company and/or distance learning courses via the platform. We also offer a Blended Learning service.
All study programs are structured based on the results obtained from a preliminary placement test  that each new student needs to take to determine the initial proficiency level and specific language needs. This information is complemented by interviews with the prospective student in order to pinpoint specific communication goals. An important aspect of the service we provide is follow-up and strict monitoring to ensure  progress and achievement of communication goals with the students.


Private lessons

These are private programmed classes for a  single executive where  the teacher's attention is focused on the development of interactive communication skills with the student. The program is structured based on the student’s specific learning objectives and according to the student’s ability to assimilate and manage information. Recommended for middle and senior managers with specific communication needs in English or another language. Distance learning sessions can also be programmed for this service.

Group classes

Classes for small groups of up to 7 participants working with one or several teachers simultaneously. The sessions allow for significant progress in the process of language acquisition through  intensive practice.  The service is monitored by the academic coordination to ensure high performance, making the necessary adjustments in the level of information and reporting progress to HR managers. Recommended for companies which require effective programs and quick results, groups of employees who have a homogeneous level in the language.

Express language training courses

Programs can comprise 10, 15 or 20 hours of training  to reinforce communication skills in English, Spanish, Portuguese  or French in order to carry out  a specific task or event. Work  is focused on a particular communicative task or skill. Sessions are available face-to-face or in distance learning modes. Recommended for people who need to be operational very quickly in a specific area or for a particular event. These courses improve self-confidence with  the participant to express himself proficiently in the target language.

Frequency of training modules


Between 2 and 3 sessions per week, each lasting 1.5 hours. This is considered an ideal study schedule to build a solid base in the language within a reasonable length of time.


Between 4 and 5 sessions per week lasting from 1.5 to 2 hours each. This schedule is recommended for students who need to acquire essential communication skills in a relatively short amount of time.



Daily sessions lasting 1.5 hours each  for a period of 15 days. This schedule is ideal when preparing for a specific project (conference, presentation, exam).



These are distance learning modules designed to meet very specific communication requirements. This teaching method focuses on skills that relate directly to the student’s profession, for example, finance, foreign trade, marketing and law.


These are modules that cover a range of different training methods so that a student can combine the advantages that each one offers. These may include face to face classes, distance learning sessions, telephone conferences, access to e-books complemented by distance tutoring for autonomous or guided learning. Each course is customized to cater to the individual needs of the student.



Fit for purpose courses that are specially designed to address the individual needs of students targeting  terminology of a specific industry or sector.

Proficient and dedicated teaching staff.

Consistent follow-up and constant monitoring.

Significant improvement of communication skills, especially  oral expression

Measurement of acquired skills at the beginning, at mid- term and the end of program

Progress check through external assessment