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Express preparation courses for TCF

ILE International offers training modules for the different types of the TCF examination. These courses focus on each of the areas assessed during the test. There are also modules that concentrate  on the reinforcement of a specific language skill in the test.

Skills reinforced for TCF TP systematically include listening, reading comprehension, and optional training modules for oral and written expression.

The preparation course for TCF Quebec can focus primarily on listening and speaking but some modules may also include the reinforcement of writing skills as an option. The level required by the Canadian Immigration authorities is B2 which corresponds to 10 attributed points for the language aspect. Each optional B2 level test module (e.g. wiriting, reading ) can give an applicant to immigration 1 extra point.

Preparation for TCF ANF focuses only on listening comprehension and oral expression


Available modules

TCF TP   TCF Quebec   TCF ANF  
Language Structure          
Oral Expression      

Recommended for:

 Students who need to take TCF TP to study in French universities;

Applicants who have submitted an application for immigration to the delegation of Quebec and need to get a B2 level;

Aplicants to the French naturalisation process who need to take the listening and speaking tests.



Learn the strategies to respond assertively to test questions.

Supplementary practice tests to simulate a test session.

Increased levels of confidence whilst taking the test thus contributing to stress reduction.


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The TCF examination is declined in three versions; TCF TP, TCF Quebec and TCF ANF (access to French nationality).

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