TCF French Nationality

Assessment and Certification


The "TCF access to French nationality" was designed specifically to meet the new requirements of the French Ministry of the Interior and Overseas Territories, and by local immigration authorities for the assessment of the French language to applicants who wish to acquire the French nationality.

The "TCF ANF” comprises  two mandatory tests:

The listening takes place in a testing room with other candidates. The method of implementation for the speaking test is a personal interview with an examiner .

The test results of "TCF access to French nationality" are only valid to complement an application to request  French nationality either by marriage or by naturalization. This report cannot be used to enroll in a French university or apply for immigration to Quebec.




  • Several dates and times available to take the test

  • Computer based testing

  • Scheduling of private sessions is possible upon request

  • Fast and effective service delivery

  • Quick and prompt follow-up to get test reports

  • Personalized service

  • Online enrolment available