Language Courses Overseas

Total Immersion Programs

ILE International and its international network of universities in the United States, Canada and France offer total immersion programs for language learning to young students and adults. These institutions are located at key areas in cosmopolitan cities like Paris, Toronto, Montreal , Strasbourg, Vichy, Boston and New York. The benefits of a study-abroad program are evident; students undertake an unforgettable cultural experience in addition to significantly improving their language skills.

All of our international programs offer an optional certification at the end of the training process; This can be done in the city of origin at the end of the process. Interested participants may continue with their training program locally once their international experience has concluded.

Program Options

Total immersion programs for young  students

Total Immersion programs take place at international campuses or the facilities of a partner language school. Participants benefit from the unique experience of living and practicing the language of study 24 hours a day. ILE International can make the necessary arrangements for accommodation on request.

Recommended for:

Adolescents and young adults who are available from 2 to 4 weeks for a study program abroad.


Executive Courses

ILE International organizes total immersion programs for executives at prestigious institutions in various countries. These specialized programs help a student achieve specific communication objectives in very short periods of time. Highly experienced langue teachers in charge of language courses, are specialists in different areas of activity.

Recommended for:

Middle and senior management executives with particular communication needs in a second language. Duration can be from one week to several.