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Preparation courses for the test

ILE International offers TOEIC preparation courses which may vary in length and time depending on the student’s language ability level. We have courses of 20, 30 and 40 hours.  ILE International gives the participant an initial placement test to determine the necessary hours of study to achieve a target score. During the training sessions several practice tests are given to participants to subject them to similar test-taking conditions as on the official test day. The training sessions focus on the analysis of specific information contained in the test (e.g. type of questions, vocabulary and grammatical structure). Listening comprehension is reinforced through exercises similar to those presented in the real test. The training sessions can be organized face-to-face or via our distance learning platform.


Preparation courses for TOEIC Listening & Reading.

Language Structure          



Recommended for:

Students who wish to improve their overall score for purposes of recruitment and selection in a job search process; 

Employees who need to take the test in their organisations and get a target score;

Management professionals who need to improve their score for specific work projects or job promotions.



Work is aimed at improving or developing all or one specific skill.

Increased levels of confidence to take the test thus contributing to stress reduction.

Course focuses on exploring strategies to improve overall test score.

Wide variety of dummy tests for training.

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