Language Training and Cross-Cultural Training

Training Services

Our executive language courses comprise modules that are taught at a student’s place of work. These include group or private sessions, in-company and/or distance learning courses via the platform. We also offer a Blended Learning service. All study programs are structured based on the results obtained from a preliminary placement test which each new student needs to take to determine the initial proficiency level and specific language needs. This information is complemented by interviews with the prospective student in order to pinpoint specific communication goals.

We offer fit-for-purpose language courses in the following areas:


In-Company classes

Training modules for middle and top management executives, in group or private sessions, face-to-face or distance learning. Group classes can go up to 10 participants. Find out more...

Distance Learning Modules

Private sessions via our platform This is an ideal solution to prepare for an event quickly and efficiently, or to get ready to take an exam. Find out more...

Cross-Cultural Coaching

Cross-Cultural coaching sessions provide the basic socio-cultural knowledge that are inherent to a group of people or society at a professional and/or social level. These fundamental aspects can provide strategic insight for a better undestanding of business relations when doing business internationally. Find out more...

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