Language Audit

Language Support Services & Linguistic Needs Detection

A language audit allows a multinational organization to perform a reliable measurement action to map employees’ language skills, thus defining specific language competency profiles to communicate in foreign languages.

The information provided by the assessment tools applied by ILE International, and the information  gathered during the interviews, can allow your organization to set realistic goals in language training programs​​;  it can also help define desirable communication skills for a particular position or communication task.

Thanks to a language audit exercise, an organization will know with certainty the capabilities of its staff to communicate and carry out specific actions in foreign languages.


Actions involved in a language audit exercise:

Determination of language proficiency levels and identification of training needs with employees.

Definition of an efficient language training program with integrated metrics to measure results.

Comparative analysis and support in the selection of suppliers’training proposals.

Support in the implementation and monitoring of programs.

Application of metrics and evaluation tools through the training process.



Clear definition of employees’ linguistic profiles in foreign languages, within the organization.

Efficient and transparent processes in the management of financial resources for language training.

Useful information documents that summarize the linguistic assets of employees within the organization.