Assessment and Certification


TOEIC is the most widely used assessment tool in English in many companies in the world. This test assesses the ability to understand and communicate in English in an international professional context without being a business English test. The mandatory tests are listening comprehension (45 minutes) and reading comprehension (75 minutes). The test totals 200 questions. TOEIC offers two complementary oral expression and written expression modules. The tests can be used independently or combined.

TOEIC results are expressed in terms of a numeric score which can range from 1 to 950 points and are accompanied by global skill descriptors. The participant may request the issuance of a TOEIC certificate paying an extra fee.

Tests available:

Recomended for:

Professionals who need to know their English language skills in a professional context of communication.

Individuals who need a certification of their English level internationally recognised.

People who want to demonstrate their oral communication skills and interaction.

People who want to measure their ability to write and draft documents in a professional context.



International recognition as a tool to measure an individual's English language proficiency level.

Flexibility in the organisation of test sessions.

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